Being Dallasdani....

There’s a separation between my work persona and my private personality. Just like each and everyone one of us. There are many things we don’t share with our co-workers or our clients. It would be inappropriate to show some aspects of our personalities. For some it would get them terminated or at very least give a bad impression. We normally just give a little taste of that side during the corporate Christmas party. Which hopefully we can’t remember anyway so I doesn’t change how high we hold our heads come Monday when we head back in to work after spending all day Sunday nursing a hangover. Clients don’t come to see me in my house shoes unloading my groceries or want to see me crying over some issue with personal relationship. Yet I do share a great deal just because I feel the need to chit chat and become personal on some level. I have one client that sees me as a cold and somewhat selfish person and it blows my mind to hear that. In my private life I would never be described in such a way. Here’s the difference though. In my private life I have never had a one night stand. If I have had sexual relationship with a man it’s because I saw the potential for forever there. That potential would not exist without attraction, desire and emotions being involved. With those things comes compassion, giving, thoughtfulness and so on. I am not able to become attached on an emotional level with a client thankfully because that would leAve me in a vulnerable state of inevitable heartache on a constant basis. There has to be a detachment and that may make the encounter have a not so personal feel compared to an experience with someone of whom you are in a relationship with or that potentially could have a relationship with. That separation is the name of the game. Without it I would be hard to shake and life would become that much more complicated. That’s what makes me a professional.

You know that’s what they pay her to leave!!!