My personal experiences are what I choose to write about. It maybe different for other providers and most likely is or will be at some point for most even myself. This is just my feelings today but just like everything....they are subject to change.


I have been told that I am hard to get in touch with and I suppose I am at times. I have never been really good at responding quickly to messages. Here are some of those reasons...For one I don’t keep my phone on me. It’s in my purse, in the car. Lost somewhere in my apartment , hotel, home or wherever I might be. I misplace my keys as well. I think it has a lot to do with the frequency of which I move. A good bit of the people who don’t understand how this happens have been living in the same house, working the same job, doing the same shit daily for quite some time. Ok you have that crap on auto pilot by now. That frees up that part of your memory and thinking to move on to other things. I...however,  move to a new place, with different means of transportation, going somewhere I have never been meeting someone I have never meet, alone, regularly. Makes it more difficult to have a designated place for everything or even have the space to think about those things. Second...I am a high right brain. Emotional, feeling, creative is known that those of us with that congnitive structure have a tendency to be a bit unorganized. We also think outside the box and many inventors are this way. 3.... Poor decisions making....I know by now my picker is broken.... across the board. I pick the wrong men. I help the wrong people. If given two clients at the same time I am going to choose the one that cancels ....guaranteed. This adds a degree of difficulty to all areas of my life. I am aware of it and that’s the first step in fixing an issue. 4th...I am an artist and on the cusp of Gemini/ Cancer. Those of you that know your signs know that means I am at least 3 different woman wrapped up in one and they don’t have much in common and don’t share notes. So bare with know they say “ Crazy in the head...Good in bed “ I would say I am crazy but probably not quite right.